Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Not us, that's for damn sure.

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Got a grudge against a community moderator? Get banned unfairly and want to call someone out? Want to organize a campaign of revenge?

This probably isn't the place for that.

However, if you've found a community mod who's acting stupid, or falling down on the job, and you can point this out in a clever way, without sounding like a tiny whiny baby -- that's what we're here for.

RULES (as of 02/13/08):

1. Do not troll personal journals. If we find out that you've been harassing someone on his/her personal journal, you will be banned and reported to LJ Abuse. This applies to other members of this community as well as anyone who gets posted about.

2. No IRL-type stalking. Find someone's Myspace? That's cool. Find someone's home address and real name? Keep that shit to yourself. And don't even think about emailing somebody's employer because that's just weird.

3. You may post about locked community entries, but it's kind of annoying, so try to avoid it unless the lulz are exceptionally fine. It's definitely a good idea to copy-and-paste any good insanity you find, in case of deletion.

4. No community promos. Unless you're a mod who thinks promoting your comm in a snark comm is a good idea, in which case, please, go right ahead.

5. Moderators reserve the right to ban whomever they wish, as long as they wish, for reasons including but not limited to: obvious troll characteristics, no friends, known troll friends, membership in trollish communities, past drama creation in other communities, or not liking your face. This does not count as bad moderating because we say so.

6. If you post here, and you get banned from another community because of it, don't come crying to us. You knew the mod was wacked, or you wouldn't have posted in the first place.


Your moderators are latenightdrives and cumaeansibyl. One is the good cop and one is the bad cop, but we won't tell you which.